Ali’s Story

it seems that the most welcomed semester break of degree students are going to end soon! hey give me another three months please! be it a year semester break, it is actually isn’t enough though haha luls. the topic about the next semester is everywhere, be it wechat, facebook, instagram and facebook, it’s all about new semester. actually, you miss your student life right? *luls,ifeelyou* for a second year student like me (*can i call myself a senior then? ehem, the sentence should be, a senior student like me right? *insertdivaface*), there’s for sure a lot of resolution we made for the beginning of the new semester. there’s status in one of my social media account, counting days of precious holiday left, it surely remind me to wake up, alarming me that, hey aness, you are no longer available for your sleeping zone :’)  and there’s also a positive vibes status such as goal of having a better cgpa next semester. aness-yaa you should have learn something from them! whatever it is, i hope God grant everyone of you and myself, the dreamers, blessing with a good health and strength to be able to achieve every single of our goal this sem. amin 🙂

oh, before i forget, hye junior welcome to degree’s life! congratulation on your next journey! you are one step closer to your dreams! trust me, degree life is totally different from previous lifestyle, but it totally a good stage. from my point of view, if you are majoring degree with your favourite subject, i think you’ll find degree such as an enjoyable path despite the tough road. but, if you are newbies in your coursework, ehemm, it is difficult just to say it but congratulation, you are brave enough buddies! *insertthesadohandemoji* first of all, trust yourself and try to hold on. you will find the reason why you are being there, and throughout the coursework you’ll find the charming in it. trust me, i have been there and now still survived :”) (*bighugs*) i cannot say that i made it yet bcause i’m only a year degree student. there of course, few years are waiting for me but still, surviving first year is proven that yes, you made it. you can actually do it! and even better at times! thus, congratulations again and there you go, all the best!

oh so here i want to share some of my inspiration for the next semester. should i call it my energy booster? whatever it is, here is the story. i named it, Ali’s story. here you go.

there is a guy named Ali. Ali is normal guy from Terengganu (*should i change it to Perlis instead? luls. i’m joking*) He’s now studying as an ACTP student in INTEC. His favourite subject is calculus. He loves calculus for many reasons. one of the reasons is because he likes his calculus’s lecturer, Puan Ruzela. (*i bet Puan Ruzela must be a lovely person, i want madam Ruzela too in my advanced calculus lect next sem :))*) But the main reason why he loves calculus so much is because calculus has change his life, forever. And this is a story how calculus has change Ali’s life. 
Before this, Ali is very bad in studying especially in calculus. he hated calculus because it lower his CGPA. Ali is not as smart as his other friends. He only got C for calculus. he had a low GPA of 2.80 for fall semester. it’s all because of calculus. So this semester he will study very hard to get a better grade for calculus 3.nothing else seems to matter him anymore. All that Ali can think about right now are calculus and his dream to fly to USA and.. one day, in calculus class, he learned something new. Something that had changed how he see his life, forever.. 
That day, Puan Ruzela (*omg your number one fangirl is here!:p) taught about LIMIT and INFINITY. She said that if infinity divided by a number it is still infinity, but if a number divivided by infinity you will get ZERO. Ali already learned that before in Calculus 1.

But suddenly, something came across his mind. Ali begins to sunk in into his own thought and begins to relate the facts with his life. The facts that infinity over any number and the answer is still infinity, referring , if we put bigger things on the top, and smaller things below we will still get the big thing. meaning that if we priotize the bigger and infinite purpose in our life, over the smaller and less significant purposes, we will get an infinite reward. as oppose, if we focus too much on the smaller purpose in our life, while forgetting the bigger and infinite purpose of life, we will get nothing..which is ZERO…! Ali begins to think about what he has been doing all this time. He thinks too much on getting a good grade so that he can fly to US. He forgets the fact that all those things are nothing compared to his ultimate purpose of life. Getting good grades or flying to US aren’t everything. He shouldn’t be studying for those small purposes. Because he know that everything that he do in his life must be, for the sake of ALLAH :”). This is his infinite purpose of life. The infinite purpose may be different for everyone. But for Ali he know the infinite purpose in his life is to meet his Creator.. because he believes that an infinite amount of reward are waiting for those who put Allah over anything else. 

Now that Ali has understand about his infinite purpose of life, everything has change.Everyday is a happy day. Even until today, Ali never worried about a single thing. He is not worried about his study anymore.He don’t wasting his time anymore thinking about whether he could fly or not. Because he believes that…


we are not in charge of the results.. We do everything for the sake of Allah not the sake of the results. When we internalize that, our life would become so much easier. :”)

so that’s the end of Ali’s Story. I hope you guys (includingmyself), learned something from this story and make some time to think for while about your infinite purpose in life :’) thank you for reading this entry.


*notes : Ali’s story is actually a video. i got it from my friends through whatsapp. it is not that i’m not aware that many people might have watched the video. sharing this story here, is the reminder for my own sake, that every time if there’s a moment i do feels give up from reaching my goals, i will just look up here and will tell myself then, aaa this one is healing, knowing the facts, our job is the efforts and His job is the result. the grades arent everything. somehow, it heals :’).*


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