Cleaning Slate



hi there! firstly, thanks for whoever keep on cherishing  me to update my so outdated blog. (instead of cherish, could i say  it is more to nagging? blergh blergh. luls. Angah i’m joking here teheee). yeah i know it takes me forever to update my second blog, yeah i know uhukk. but, well, this is my another second entry, so i give myself a big applause! uyeayy! okay, moving on to another mainstream part, today inspiring topic is cleaning slate~ like previous post, this entry story also from a video, i watched from my interesting facebook feeds ever. since it is really inspiring, i cannot stopping myself to replay the video everyday. so an idea pop out in my mind, why not i’m sharing this in my blog instead? some people might reading this entry, so should i give a try? and why not? so here is the video’s about;

the chalkboard written these as the topic, stood in the middle of New York City for one full day. there are few crowds taking pictures, talking to one another deeply into the topic and there are also few people, closing their eyes, and they themselves start to teary. it began with one person and followed up by another, they start to write their own biggest regret.

‘i was afraid of everything’
‘i’m regret all the time i wasted’
‘not getting my MBA’
‘never going after my dream’
‘it;s hard to keep in touch with everyone’
‘all the self-hatred i put on my body through’
‘i wanna do so many things, but it seemed i can never find the time’
‘never applying MED school’
‘staying in my comfort zone’
‘burning bridges’

as the board filled up with so many different stories, we noticed all of these regrets have something in common.

‘not trusting’
‘not getting included’
‘not being a better friend’
‘not challenging myself’
‘never speaking up’

not this and not that and the list goes on.

they were about chances not taken.
they were about words not spoken,
they were about dream never pursued.

but then, they got an eraser.
it’s time to erase all of these regret feelings and come out with, there is no one’s regret anymore.
it is the CLEAN SLATE. it means the responsibility.
everyday is a clean slate. do the things  you’ll regret not doing.

it’s never too late to make it happen. thus, make it happen!
this could be my ideal year.
this could be your ideal year.
this could be our ideal year!


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