April 15th


i have a long deep thought about my blog post tonight. starting from the suitable yet catchy title, to the personal entry that i have never wrote such as theme here (any social medias i have). but, i decide to write it anyway. bismillah.

15th of April. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBU 🙂 obviously, it pass midnight now (1.17am)(whocares)(still15thformetilligotosleep). i couldn’t sleep. everyone else were already asleep ohh and i’m here, blogging emotionally in front of my not-s0-pinkish laptop together with one of my beloved meow meow, Junior (inserthashtagcatnamenowadays). okay back to the topic, this personal entry starting here.

since mom birthday is very important, i feel extremely emotional today.(it usually happens when i can’t express my feeling well). i hate myself of having this roller coaster emotion since i really can’t control it 😥 i’m sorry ibu. my heart for some reason feel melancholy today (i don’t know any other word to exactly describe this feeling). i’m feeling emotionally touched today. TOUCHED. around 11.44 pm, about 15 minutes before the 15th day of April gone, ibu sent a message in family whatsapp group thanked everyone for the cakes and presents. it was simple text. really simple. but i do feel something. during that time, along and angah were already asleep, ibu in her room and i am still fully awake in my room. i know ibu wells. i has the same traits with ibu, no no, i think all of girls in my family has this trait. we tend to have a deep feeling over a small thing. we are really dramatically emotional especially when it comes about family matters. IBU, we thanked more and always feeeling so grateful. Thanks God, she is my mom! ibu, i might have show nothing today except that normal happy birthday ibuuu wish. i know i always do it jokingly, in a funny way, in any other ways i could possible do as long as it doesn’t seem serious. i want you to know, that me too, wanna try wish it seriously, sweetly wish,

ibuu…have a warm birthday. lets be happy and do not worry much. all beautiful words people telling me on my personalities that i grown up with are all thanks to you, ibu and not to forget ayah. i will protect them all, those good values, positive vibes and any other numerous lessons you had taught me. i will keep them forever, inshaAllah. i wanna thank Allah, for giving me such as greatest blessing, that i couldn’t ask for more. for all those great things happened to me, protection on me from those devilish surrounding and bad people, and all those unforgettable kind people that always there in my journey when i couldn’t reach you (and ayah), before and even in the future, are all thanks to ALLAH and i know it were all because of your good deeds on people, your good manner with the older, your every day and night’s prayers, that i will not able to face my journey easily without those. alhamdulillah. ibuu, don’t be sick. i wanna fulfill all your dreams so lets wait for me. may Allah protect and grant the only one precious ibu i have, Jannah. ibuu, i love you.”



please remember, you are my first love and i am just too shy to show that i love you 🙂      my beautiful ibu ❤