hello weekend! spending some time here to blog about few people hihii.


truthfully, past few weeks have been the hardest time for me, but this week is the toughest. *biggirlsdontcry* it is indescribable experience that i don’t even tell my parents or my siblings because it way more aches my heart. (usually i do tell my sister but this time don’t count, because i have a feeling they will share my story to each others and acts nothing happened in front of me, yeah i know i know). it is all because that one word, sincere.

sincerity? people talk about sincerity? god! they do amaze me, making me wonder, how do they know people heart? so, how do you value people sincerity?

sincerity is like a Black Ant on a Black Rock in the Darkest Night. it is Exists but very Difficult to See.

the first story is about the plumber men. back to few months before, i have been suffering pipe leaking in my college hostel. the pipe leaking problem is seriously disturbing my student carrier (lol much) as i keep worrying as if i in the class, whether the water is overflowing and enter my room and make my precious electrical appliances get wet and whatsoever and as if i in the hostel, i keep looking around and checking if the water can make me and my roommate can even swimming in there (yah i know i know it is lame. k fine). i cant stand still and cant do my work with full attention because i keep checking on them and eventually mopping them per hour. and lastly, busy me found myself tirelessly sleep and make my assignments and those pile of reports gotta RIP. (lololololol) but now, everything is back to normal, all thanks to those kind plumber men. yeah, i know my housemates and i keep on reporting about this serious problem with our practiced pity faces to the officers for months, and it eventually works out guys! (of course my housemate and i officially can change our course right away and change our title from #yourfutureIR to #yourfutureactress lol!) the repair process is just in one day okay and i am way more than grateful hihii. the main story is starting here (too much distractions, no i mean intros luls), one of those plumber men came a day earlier and checked our toilets, piping system and all since it all blocked and was not so good. since our house are basically to the point where people would think we do have own a pool inside the house, plus the blocked pipe system, it was all mess because it was all wet on the floor. that evening, i got back from evening classes that i mentally prepared that i have to *jengketjengket* walk in to my house as usual because nobody was at home to mop our wet floor. but then, wow my house was super clean and there was DRY floor everyone! it kills my tired mentality and made my day you know and one of my housemate told me that “pakcik tuu datang tadi and dia cakap nak repair toilet tersumbat and tengok tengok dia bersihkan sekali toilet and mopping our ruang depan tu. cool gila kan pak cik tu?” and i was like omg there is, there is sincerity left in this world! gosh, i found one! the next two days, all of the plumbers came and expertly finish repaired those leaking pipes without taking much time. wow, i am really happy. unfortunately, i couldn’t made it to meet them to even say simple thanks. so sad, because that time too, they cleaned our house too, i mean mopping and all. we can do that of course, all you have to do is only repair those leaking pipe but they did anyway. i couldn’t thank them enough and keep on praying that may Allah bless their good souls that taught us (my housemates and i), that whatever your job is, do it sincerely. surely, the enjoyment and happiness in doing that job  will come later because there is Allah’s bless as long as we sincere. 🙂

do we see something?

don’t talk about people’s sincerity. we are not GOD. even GOD said. “people who is sincere don’t know and don’t feel that he/she is sincere, that sincere is very that difficult to value.” so don’t talk more, let’s work on being sincere person! 🙂

siapa kita nak bercakap tentang IKHLAS sebab kita BUKAN TUHAN :’)

thankyou pakciks!