semester break :)


hi everyone! this post gonna be about my little ranting on my semester break.

eh. what? did someone mentioned semester break?!!?


okay,okay, i know it’s already off season, we already entering new semester tho. but i did promised you guys to post my forever-draft things and to update so i am working hard to blog about them all as soon as possible before i entering my third year college this September as much as i can before i getting busier. bet you’re like she’s really unpredictable. saying this and that, but then doing those. blerghh anis blerghhh. i am truly sorry for not keeping up with the blogs and promises i made. Dangg girl, someone’s attitude needs fixing. I know, i should stop making blog promises *cries a bucket*.

okay, a promise still a promise. you need to grant it once you promised. so, my little rant on my three months break starting here 🙂


My semester break officially started on 25th of June i guess (i can’t even remember the exact date but i think it is June 25 anyway). Sya (my roomate, classmate, gossipmate, aka my bestestfriend) and I took bus to go back to our hometown, exactly a day after our last (read:nightmare) paper. we usually took night ride because Sya couldn’t stand long journey of bus ride and she usually took medicine and just sleep till we arrived at Shahab Perdana. Oh, forget to tell you guys, she is from Alor Star (Kedahan guys lolol :p ). The journey from Malacca to Perlis usually took about 8-9 hours with smooth traffic. The bus departed at 9.00 pm and I usually arrived at 6.00 am. My family members (usually ayah, ibu or Along) would fetched me at Kangar bus station and drop me at Masjid Kangar to perform Subuh prayer and usually arrived home at 7 am. I basically given up my whole day that day to level up my energy luls (read: sleeping all day and waking up like zombie at noon). that’s basically what  my first day of my semester break i used to do. The remaining days of June, it was month of Ramadhan for us Muslim, so it was quite the same routine with other Muslims too (sahur, breakfasting, tarawikh and all).


Month of July was pretty hectic for me. July 6th was the day of Muslim victory celebration (read:EIDULFITRI). The whole beginning week of July was super busy moment for everyone. My mom and my oldest sister (read:OLDDD mihmihmih) was busy in charged in menu preparation, work division, groceries shopping, raya plans and etc. My older sister, Angah and I were busy cleaning our house, helping ibu and Along in making kuih raya and helping at Tok’s house. The first day of raya was crazy hectic. People was coming non-stop and went crazy over Along’s spaghetti. The little kids were all non-stop munching our kuih raya. They really in love with cornflakes madu. The makcik-makcik also really went all out eating our kuih raya including almond london, tart nenas and cakes. My mum was really happy but i was super duper happy since i had been part of both scenes, the struggling part of making those kuihs and cakes (read:ibu and Along) and the eating part lololol. Everything was worth it. Everyone was happy to boot. First Eid Fitri was basically among family, close relatives, neighbors and ibu’s close friend. Second Eid was pretty hectic too, we served the guests our annual Raya Main Dish which is my forever number one favourite, bihun sup. *everyone including me got crazy for bihun sup, i swear* people who tasted it before, would surely come again and asked ‘bihun sup ada?’ everyone just love it. should i summarise it, it totally food heaven here!! (read:my home) i’m not boasting here lololol. have a taste, next raya okay? second day raya was a visit from our relatives from Kedah aside from ibu and ayah’s friends. They all were super nice and love bihun sup and cakes too. lols. The third day raya was our turn visiting parent’s friends and relatives in Kedah but, i got a fever and my family went there without me because it had been planned. The remaining days of that week, there were friends of Ayah, Along and Angah that came by our house. Mine were been told not to come because i am not in good health and awkward much lolol. Next next time come to my house okay? haha. (read:forever next)

About two weeks after raya i guess, Angah and i had a short trip to KL. We went there about 3 days and 2 nights. Angah is in her last semester now, so she decided to brought me to her college to help her carried her bags and luggage. We stayed at UM college since she stayed there before, during her semester days. I don’t remember which college but all i remembered was only the college is outside UM. It is far from the main road. So the first day was basically the ETS ride, (i freaking love ETS lololol but i couldnt get any sleep there because i am too worried), arrived KL Sentral, took a cab to go to UM college and sleep. The second day was day out for me since Angah doesn’t really like outing things and all. She asked me it is okay to just go MidValley only? She must be really afraid if i got upset since i already came there. I answer her honestly that i want to go to the other malls but got okay after i found and ate Korean foods lololol. i got crave over Korean foods because it is hard to find them at Malacca. We just window shopping there and went to Muji, Daiso and mostly food and drink stalls and bought few things there. We went back to collage hostel in the evening and sleep earlier that night. Last day, in the earlier morning i helped loaded her luggage and lifted some thick books and notes from level three or something of the hostel. After everything was settled, we cleaned ourselves and packed our belongings and call the Uber person (dont’t really into this so lets skip this one) and arrived KL sentral and rushed to waiting platform because we thought that we late already. Fortunately, we managed to get in on time. It was quit memorable as i never visited her even i am just in Malacca. *i’m sorry i guess you are too busy, i’m just afraid if i’m troubling you hahahhaha :p*


This is my favourite month and 8 has always been my favourite number! so earlier days in August i went to Penang. To be precise, i went to Farah’s house.(read:highschool mates). My family and i had a trip to sent my oldest sister to Penang because she got her intern/practical at USM. Since USM and Farah’s house aren’t far enough, Farah’s family warmly invited Along to stayed there. Since Along got problems with her rent house, she finally agreed to stay there. Since, Farah is my close friend since high school, Along forced me to stay there with her without anything prepared for me guys. I mean clothes, sweets or yes my precious laptop. She kept making me felt anxious till the end and i ended up agreed to her idea to stay there only for one week. Actually it wasn’t been planned at all and i ended up stayed there a whole week. After my parents driving car home back to Perlis, we rushed to Kailan to bought clothes for me. I managed to grab a sneaker bar and milk hershey drink  with me. (that hershey milk is so delishhh lololol what’s wrong with me?!?!!) and we got back at home by Maghrib. After that, we ate dinner and we fall asleep. So, what i remembered the most during this Penang trip was that the whole family of Farah were so warm and lovely. I was grateful that they were so kind during my stay there. They always made sure that we were comfortable and our stomach are full all the time, i tell you. I even ate in large quantity for the sake of the food not being wasted even though my stomach sac is small luls. But the dishes were all tasty and yummy especially masak lemak and sambal udang hii. My grateful heart is forever thanking you guys! May Allah rewards you guys with abundant of happiness and Jannah 🙂 Thankyou Farah and family!

The next event during August was ehemmm.*coughcoughcough* my birthday celebration. okay, okay, i’ll stop here guys. (shoud have write a novel instead lololol).

I am really sleepy right now and tomorrow I need to get up early because it seems like Along already planned something for tomorrow. You guys too, have a good night! *yawnnnn….