Greatest Blessing

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone.

Okay, someone is having a mental breakdown right now because she is super homesick and all she can do is nothing other than be patient and study diligently as she should be until she pass the SCARY FINAL PAPERS in January (next year).

Motivation. Energy boosters. Where are you guys??!?

I really need to motivate myself per day or even worse per hour, past these few days because the stresss is no joke guys. Works, people and things sometimes totally drained me.

You know what, i believe that everyone of us have their own kind of motivation. So do i. Me? Of course, it is my beloved parents.


Never once in my life, i have been fall in love with my parents without going further deeper loving them. Their prayers been whispered on the ground, are heard on the heaven, and reached me wherever i am.

21 years of life, all thanks to Allah, wherever places i go, people have always concern about me. PLKN, PALAM and now UTeM, people surrounding me are so kind towards me that i am so much grateful. Fever, hardships and no need to list those endless degree’s things, that without the help of them, it might be a little difficult to reach where i am now. This kindness and only good things that happened to me, making me realise that it is my parents’ good deeds that Allah grants me goodness like this. They always told me to do kindness, to always help people, to always treat guests my best, and to take a good care of people’s feelings, that when sometimes even i don’t want to do so i am doing it because it makes them happy. Like miracle, it slowly becoming a habit (read becoming).

Teaching me on why we need to perform jamaah prayers at least once in a while, so when i got fought with my sisters i would cried so much and finally salam them and we all get back together. I growing up with this kind of love that I think I can’t ever compared it to anything else.

My mum always remind me to always be loving. I had always told my mum everything, whatever happened to me. I told someone did this to me, another one did that to me, and she’s never backing me up and instead she told me that its okay, forgive them. I’m going all emotional why my mum isn’t loving me??!. But, still i listened to her words. I do forgive and get okay. She never backing me up and  it made me stopped from being emotional. She made me forgive even my heart didn’t want it and yet i attain my happiness in so many unexpected ways. Glad she is my mum. (IBU)

They always do gooodness that whenever i go anywhere, when people ask who is my parent and i gladly tell them is, those people will be all smiling. 🙂

My greatest blessing. My worth treasure.

So that we know,


Don’t ever forget our parents, underestimate their du’as, thinking we are all brilliant enough, hardworking much that all those success are only by us.

Dalam sedar tak sedar.

Greatest blessing.

love, LALICE.


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