Semester 5-Part I

Hi everyone! I’m back!!

Sorry for the lack of updates as i am super busy last month. Yeah, lab tests, finals and that psm (final year project) thing you know, okay lemme keep that aside. Since today all results are out, i can officially say that semester 5 is finally over. Yeayyy, happy me is happyyyyyy! Not because of particularly something, but because of i am free from those nervousness while waiting for the results to come out one by one like this. Oh, my last final paper was on 8th January, last Sunday morning. So, it is exactly one week passed already and here, tadaaaaa all the results are surprisingly out too. Okay actually not so surprise lah cause we already know how good and efficient UTeM is, when it comes to FINAL results. And i am taking this opportunity to congratulate everyone of us for finishing this thrilling semester. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Let me summarize this by updating you guys the major highlights of this semester which are:


This semester is my fifth semester out of eight semesters of engineering school. Leaving this semester out, it actually only 2 semesters left for my coursemates and I learning together before we will be apart in semester 8 for different practical places. Hmmm..only thinking about this but i am all teary. Tskk tskkk tskkk. Okay, moving on, as for this semester i have 6 subjects in total, and have 9 lecturers! All lecturers for this semester are all kind and helpful that i am loving this semester so muchhhh. Basically this semester is soo good and smooth cause they made it easy for us. A BIG THANK YOU SIR&MADAM. I’m gonna share with you guys some acts and things that make me feeling all blessed going through this semester.

There is one foreign lecturer from Jordan, we called him Sir Jamil. He has that kind look to him and strict vibes from him too. For the very first class, he introduced himself and unexpectedly asked us to do the same. Living years of university life, usually there’s no introduction session between students and lecturers and ofc it feels different for this class. It makes me looking forward to this subject even more because i have that good feelings. Oh, call me childish or anything, honestly i am that kind of student that usually perform better if i like the lecturers’ vibes. Oh, during introduction talk, he asked us to tell our full name, state, and this one too; vision. Everyone is like crazy, finding their own life vision in given few minutes. Ask yourself, have you ever have one? What’s your vision? :’) *smile*. Even his first class such as wake up call for us. Throughout the semester, there are lot of assignments, presentations, reports and all, and i usually contact him through whatsapp and email if i didn’t have opportunity to meet him during office hour. What surprised me is that, sir will reply us, even a simple thank you. He did reply our ws, email  and all even after days and well-explained himself if he giving a late reply. MashaALLAH, sir is so down-to-earth man on this planet. This is so inspiring! Okay, so after exam passed and i already settle down with my unstable feelings during EXAM, i emailed sir, representing my coursemates, expressing our sincerest gratitude to him for teaching and helping us a lot thru this semester. I DON’T EXPECT ANY REPLY CAUSE IT WAS ONLY AN EMAIL. Few days and nahhh i get an inbox from Dr. Jamil. Only that time i did realised MASHAALLAH girl, a semester has ended, you only know your lecturer has that title DOCTOR now?!?!. Okay come on, i, i mean oh no, we all call him Sir Jamil okay. No one called him DR that i had no idea about it. Usually students will call something like, SIR XX, PROF XX, DR XX, so it has no issues to not know anything like this cause it never happens. MASHALLAH. All I get is sir Jamil is real humble man. Opps, before i forget, here is Dr’s email reply :


THIS. Made my day.

There is another one lecturer, MADAM SALEHA. She is like our own mom. Always remind us not to be lazy when we get sooo lazyyyy, and never tired telling us on how important manner really is. Oh, she had taught us about 1 year ( whyyy does it feels like only yesterdayy sobss) both semester 4&5 for Control System subject (this is the hardest subject evahh CRIES). This semester obviously, i get all sensitive, all emotional if madam talked something like parents, Allah, her soft feeling, her mom’s instinct and all, made us feeling loved. I had always talk to my roommate, Sya, how much my heart is sinking everytime madam did something like that, telling that she always comfort my homesick heart. Sya felt the same too. Woaaa, i bet everyone’s feeling the same right. The most lovely part about madam is that she has that caring nature in herself. She taught us like she taught her own kids. I JUST CAN FEEL THAT AND RELATE THAT. Okay last one, these :

and her fav words. SOLAT AWAL WAKTU 🙂

and again, to unmentioned lecturers, a million thanks and highest gratitude we sent to all of you 🙂

I think my blogpost this time is sooo panjanngg. eh? Eleh, actually i felt so sleppyyy cause i just ate a bowl of bihun sup. Hahahaha okayy. Actually there is a lot more i wanna blog about. Okay lah, i will update my second blogpost on this topic soonnnnn hihihi.

GN all:)

Sleepy me,



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