Semester 5- Part II

Hi everyone! So how is it everyone’s holiday? Pretty much everyone I knew enjoying their holidays with catch-up session with bestfriends, staying up late night to watch their fav football team live matches (that Arsenal, Chelsea and MU things you know), food hunting, not forget to mention those who join DRONE’s workshop for PSM (i’m cheering for you guys: kinda of PSM-SV-mates), those who trying new recipes at home and many more unlisted things here. Good holidayyyy everyonneeee 🙂

So, here i am, teheee, as I promised to update my semester 5 blog-post part II.


I almost forget to mention the major highlight for my course-mates and I which is the BBQ (party? or more to bonding time between us) eventttt!

Pretty sure we all got excited everytime BBQ was planned and it always been perfectly planned by boys and they divided works equally so girls did their part at home and some groceries shopping (SHOPPING AND GIRLS YOU KNOWWW lololols) while boys did all the set ups, location, event planning and all and we’d be happy that way hiiii.

BBQ is the must-do-event every semester for us since everyone thinking that this is the most suitable event for bonding session since almost everyone willing to involved every semester. This event located at Pantai Puteri, (calming and serene view, has surau, near road with light streets and all for safety purpose, has grocery stores to buy ice, mineral water and barang yang tiba-tiba tak cukup) that is perfect for event like class BBQ.

Okay, the preparation for dishes is divided among us girls, and some boys. Since we living in different taman, so works just divided based on houses. My housemates and I, did the side dishes of coleslaw, puding buah, etc (i can’t even remember), the others did the spaghetti, cured-chicken-sauce for bbq main dishes and etc (i cant remember vividly since there are many dishesss and there are not many food pictures taken) .

The event start after Asar to set up all things and actually start right after Maghrib. I am so thankful to those hardworking and patient classmates; they roasted chickens and sausages for us and would ate later for others sake, such as sweethearts. THANK YOU FOR THE HARDWORK, WE OWE YOU GUYS A LOT. There was singing with playing guitar session which was my most fav part hihii. Oh no i’m not singing, (too good for singing yeah), my other classmates with beautiful soft voice would sing songs like old jiwang songs (not sure what title hewhewhew), Taylor Swift’s song which are all my fav (any songs will do ), and other trendy songs which I obviously didn’t know. (Tips : Just  keep a straight face and humming slowly cause i’m freaking know nothing bout the lyrics. It’s okay everyone else knew the songs. Cheers :D)

Lastly, the long awaited session lols the photograph session. Usually, the person from other courses that joined this event would automatically be our class photographer. Hehe thank you guys.

So, a blogpost without memory photos must be no fun right? Hoho, so tadaaaa!!! Here you go, some of the pics i saved from the beginning of the semester up till semester 5. #BETRBBQ

(i just checked my hard disk and i don’t know what’s wrong with it. Almost all the videos and pictures are all damaged and cracked. I feel like crying TT. It means no pics of other BBQs of past sems hmmmmmm )

Here a few of them.


Everyone, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.




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