Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!

I did a personality test (maybe-just-a-random-test) that based on birth date and full name yesterday. HIHI. I know this is kinda childish but yeah Anis, you’re already 22 (but young at heart right?). *cehhh* Okay, so what’s interesting about this personality test is that, i kinda feel that it has major definition about me! Almost 90% of that personality test is really me lolol. It is okay to have that kind of confidence Anis, this is your blog anyway hehehe.

Okay, first thing first, it said that i got brown wolf. Brown is not okay because i love that pink colour (this unhealty obsession is so ish ishh) but i started to realise that lately, i became a fan of earth’s colour tone(s) hehehe. Wolf is kinda scary but that cartoon given is no that bad, so i gave it a pass. I comforting myself, ‘wolf is not scary animal, it is just its vibes that gave off mysterious feeling, right?’ *cehhsangat* #JK  From scary personality to mysterious personality real fast! hehe. 😀

This is what i got:

Screenshot 2017-01-30 02.24.12.png

And here are the character descriptions:

Brown Wolf person tend to be cheerful and innocent, yet have something that makes other people difficult to approach you. (that last part is so true!)
Your personality is that you are a not double faced person. (people around me keep saying that i am too honest?! okay, i am agreeing on it too! Both in good and bad way)
You are very precise and honest. (Quite detail? hehe #cerewetmungkin)
Once your curiosity is stimulated, you would pursue the matter enthusiastically and thoroughly. You have the ability to not give up in mid way. (this make me hardly to move on on things, edu, music, etc; literally life)
However, your confidence tends to result in unkind attitude towards the others. Your words can hurt the other people’s feelings. (Oh my but that’s also TRUEE)
Nevertheless, you respect obligations and have the heart to serve others.
You can not turn down favors. You tend to take on favors without thinking much about it, and therefore may experience financial loss. (OMG, but not apply 100% on me)
When angry, you tend to get uptight like children. (SO TRUEE)
You don’t get attached to the norm of the society or the human relationship. (yepp!)
If you get too strong headed about your own opinion; people may think you as narrow minded man.
The way that you steadily and surely go your own way, will help you gain trust in the society and in organizations.( I can relate to this so muchhhh)

Although you have good fortune, once you lose your courage, you tend to turn to alcohol and women. (Once I get upset, down in exam esp. it takes me a lot of courages even to smile again. so susahh nak move onn)
This may lead you to great failure, so be careful. (I will be careful. Noted :’))
You are a late starter, so don’t rush into things.
It is important to first build foundation when young. (Slowly but surely Anisss!!)

Okay, that’s all for todayyyy merapu-ness.

Heyy, you guys can try the personality test too. It is up to you whether to agree with it or not hehe. It is just for fun anyway hewhew. You guys can share yr result with me too lolol! I bet is there any hahaha. Link below:

Okay, have fun guys hiii.

Hingga ketemu lagi and thank you fr reading this bpost. BYE!


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