Dean List Award

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone! Happy weekenddddddd! (okay tomorrow is Monday again. Why don’t we have Sunday(s) per weekend? #ridiculous)

Today’s blogpost title is so ambitious and over-exaggerate, right? As cheesy as it might sound to some other people, this blogpost is a long time draft that i have been thinking about whether or not should i posting it. And it seems like i can’t really giving up on my blogging nature. So, i am writing this. But, it is not about grade or academic related, i am writing this to share or to be precise, to express what do i see behind these DL award.

Oh, i am not a 4.0 students (maybe not yet hihi) nor do i am every semester dean list student. No. So, i have been in both phase; not and a DL student throughout 5 semesters degree student. What do i say?

In my opinion, i have always hoped that i can get a good result in every semester with the pointer (GPA) as my guide reference. Does it make sense? 3.5 and above mark it as it is a good semester. Below than that means I still in average and lacking both skills and theoretical knowledge. Does it really make sense?

It is really upon to personal preferences. Some people think exam and grades are so important. Having strong fundamental theory is the key and the most important factor. Without basic knowledge, how do we gonna learning skills and etc.

Some people just couldn’t care less about grades and exam stuff. They are more into skills which are quite good. Who even ask your grade when you can’t even name the most basic components in real life. Do you get me?

What do I wanna write here is that, stop with the mentality of pointer (GPA) students or skill students. Siapa pandai siapa tak pandai? No one ever likes for being put a fancy label or being downgraded. No one like it.

In my humble opinion, both are important. Skills and good grades. If i had to choose, i will just leave them at they are and just choose focus on learning. This is the real turning point. As for me, achieving dekan or whatsoever is more to self-achievement. Something you do for your own favour and not to impress or please someone else. It is more like you making yourself happier and feel happy inside. And you won’t be feeling depressed when you couldn’t achieve it because your goal is to learn.

The most important part being a dean list student (as for me), is not feeling you are better than anyone else and look down on another person. You are boasting around your GPA is okay that is yours to do so anyway, but to think anyone else is no better than you is a big NO. You are starting to have your own comfort zone is the dangerous weapon too. You are thinking you can do it the way you do it without the aim or goal to improve is for me, such a waste. You are starting to feel that, I’m in okay position I have always been in dean list in every semester, of course, i should have no or fewer worries. No. Fix that kind of mentality. I am reminding myself so hard that every time i have a lab session, i need to love this. i need to love this. girl you need to love this. so, later i am no more in awkward position, learning engineering but having zero skill. How come?

You are getting good grades are all 100% your efforts? Good grades are all thanks to your own intelligent genetics and your great skills, are to me (sorry to say this) is wrong(?). At least for me, i have a feeling that i am nowhere near achieving good result without the help of lecturers and also, the most unmentioned important people who help us a lot other than lecturers, are PJ (penolong jurutera). I have always thankful for them, teaching us from equipment and tools on how to pasang and buka them without an ounce of arrogant or any action to belittle us, since you know girls esp. are quite slow in tools, circuits and everything. I remembered there were days when we actually don’t understand the lab sessions, we don’t even know how and who can help us, the PJs came and patiently taught us along with useful tips. Not even once or twice but always. Being remembered on how lacking i am on every beginning of the semester, and till the day i am done with lab test which means i have the better understanding about labs and all, were all regards to them too (although i never express how much grateful i am). Never forget who help you.

GPA is not a measure of someone’s intelligence but more to one’s efforts. No? The top scorer in pop quiz and good in hands-on pbl projects are always from people not in DL or good scorer but the not DL one. But, of course, some of the good grades students are really excellent in the hands-on project too. Much respect for them.

Embrace whatever we have for now and be humble for it. Stay grounded.

I am hoping that everyone’s dream and goals are turning into reality soon. Work hard and never get distracted on your way to your goal. It may take time. It does. But it is not impossible. As long as you stay true to your goal, having a clear intention and vision, we all can achieve something. We all can learn something. Isn’t life itself is learning?

Oh, i am thankful for DL award when i am this lacking. ALHAMDULILLAH. I hope we all can make it this semester and we learn as much as we can.

All thanks for,

Allah who granted everyone’s doa and giving me this happy moment when i am this underserved.

Parents and family members that support me when i am this fragile and always giving me inspiration. All the doas that makes everything turns out so smooth that even i cant believe i faced those hard times.

Lecturers and PJs who patiently taught us again, again and again. THANK YOU. :’)

Friends that are always together through the ups and downs, happy and sad moments, with this journey that almost into three years period. How time flies?


Congratulation to our superwoman TANYILIN on your 4flat achievement. #awesome #coolcoolcool

Okay. Bye.


Blessed 2016 & Hi 2017

Hi! I’m quite on roll these days! Hihi. 😀 (February means new semester, so I don’t know if i can update my blog as much as i do now, *look at my January posts, i am even impressive with myself HAHAHA). Before the semester break is ending, here is my thought on 2016.

To the last day of my shining twenty-one, my 2016, I have felt so much happiness during 2016 year that i barely move on up till now. So many good memories, kind people and achievement (both academic and personal) throughout the year. I don’t know about others’ thought on 2016, but i really thankful for all the blessing. 😀

I’m not sure what exactly 2016 did to me but i think i grew up pretty mature in the way i see something (not much but getting better), the way i socialize with people, they way i tolerate with patience-level-test people, how i achieve my 2016’s goals are undeniably amazing side of myself hiii, and i don’t know how to thank all those mentioned and unmentioned kind people out there that have been helped me A LOTTT. From family, coursemates, lecturers and even strangers! Thank you GUYS!

Allah that made all things easier for me in 2016, all praises to You and I learnt to be humble and grateful through those lessons and things granted. I doesn’t want to brag or be so proud of myself, or showing off these and those by writing here, but i wanna save all the good and happy memories that brought a lot of lessons for me, here.

To that day that i was assigned to my current PA (something like mentor-mentee that assigned  randomly during first day of registration), who is soooooo kind and gooooood person was Allah’s work when i actually  asked for female PA, and things just turned out the way it was fated, and i am humbly grateful. (there is a hidden story that day, I will remember this storyyyy forever) My friends got complaint a bit about their PA being tak kisah, garang and all (that were during first year days but now everyone was all good and no more complaint hehe) but i am the lucky one to be chooosen as one of the student’s under such as good PA. Alhamdulillah. Oh, my PA also now is my SV (supervisor for psm or fyp project) and i got accepted as the first psm’s student under my SV anddd got a project too, (lets all pray to me for not being lazyy and give all the best i can hiii) while there were many rejected students for this fyp because some lecturers even asked for proposal omggg, having hard time to find the sv just because almost supervisors are fully booked and need to extend their semester in campus after final when everyone else is already in hometown. Find strength, i know you guys will do it, and even better!

To lecturers who have faith in me (i’m not that skillful pretty much just a normal hardworking student and not that brilliant just okaylah student) from lab, lectures up to psm despite i am this much lacking, thank you for giving me such as trust 😀  Thank you for giving me such an honour when you contacted me to do psm under you with specific project when everyone else already asks the spots under youu and i am just pray that i have choose the best one ( i already have psm project and sv that time), and the good student will take that project and may Allah eases everything sir! Thank you fr remember me and did saved me a spot under you 😀 *tearful* Vision’s project lets do well with my cute micromouse robot in the making hehew. Oh, that one lecturer, thank you for reply me an email with full of hope, full of respect and i am looking forward to be such a good person as you sir. I will cherish and read the email when i feels hopeless and lost. May Allah reward your good job sir! Also, my lab’s lecturer that always push us to do lab so fast and said that my partner and I always did our best when we were basically just asked everyone’s help. Thank you sir 😀 Ahh, another one lecturer also in the list because he was literally the one that made me to push my potential to the fullest, when i basically have the love-hate realtionship with the machine language (if you know what subject i mean). I learn to love that subject when it took almost our long weekend and sleepless night with nonstop assignments with so detail report that have been sent-rejected-sent-corrected-sent-atlastacceptedwithnofullmarks ouuuchhhhh but that’s it, that’s made my heart even grow fonder into this subject. I learn it the hardest way, and i admit it that it was the best learning period i ever had so far that i kinda miss those pressure hehehe. Currently, i heard that sir is continuiting his study in PHD level in UTM  (or UTHM not sure hehe) rn so i pray and wish you THE BEST sir! Come back with PHD and teach our generation with your method heheeee 😀 Sure, everyone is so into codinggg after thisss hehehe. Oh, sir is so kind that he always in check with his students with my coursemates;  PBL, assignments and PSM. Thank you sir for your undivided concern! We will work hard 😀

Okay enough for academic achievement and i will keep the personal achievement to myself; it’s better that way hehe.

2017, HI!

Oh, i’m late. I know. A month late hahahaha. It’s okay. Who cares lewls. Oh? 2017 resolution? Mine?

We are all growing old together. From 1 month to 1 years old, from 80 to 81, and i from 21 to 22. Everyone is pretty much the same. I’m just hoping we are not growing old those in number and physical only, but also mainly the mentality. Let’s have a great a mentality. A great one.

I want becoming a wall for myself. The twenties are the most shining days of anyone’s life and  I has to be the only person who is responsible for it. Yes, I want my twenties to be truly shining, Aminn.

Lets go out from our comfort zone. Lets try new thing, gain new experience and make new friends. I have been introvert all my life and its time to make a few more friends (can I?)

Lets be ON TIME. Lets appreciate our precious time. Lets be punctual and make it your habit, anisss. Lets go to class earlier and prepare for your class and lets not chatting or scrolling yr phone in between. Have respect to your time. (wahh. so strict hahaha)

Read a lot. You can travel the world through reading! Expand your thoughts and be open. You can’t be the new person if you stay with the same way of thinking  because you didn’t know what’s the real problem is if you stay within your circle.

Lets improving. Lets have a bigger dream and make it happen.

Ignore whatever people said, they don’t know you.

Just do it, even when everyone complaint it was so hardddddd. Just don’t listen to them.

If you don’t like something, walk away. Don’t waste your time.

Don’t be materialistic, focus on improving yourself 😀

Lets gain new skills and improving on what we already have and lets giving back to community. #cantwait

Good luck aniss.

Let’s be better everyone 😀


Semester 5- Part II

Hi everyone! So how is it everyone’s holiday? Pretty much everyone I knew enjoying their holidays with catch-up session with bestfriends, staying up late night to watch their fav football team live matches (that Arsenal, Chelsea and MU things you know), food hunting, not forget to mention those who join DRONE’s workshop for PSM (i’m cheering for you guys: kinda of PSM-SV-mates), those who trying new recipes at home and many more unlisted things here. Good holidayyyy everyonneeee 🙂

So, here i am, teheee, as I promised to update my semester 5 blog-post part II.


I almost forget to mention the major highlight for my course-mates and I which is the BBQ (party? or more to bonding time between us) eventttt!

Pretty sure we all got excited everytime BBQ was planned and it always been perfectly planned by boys and they divided works equally so girls did their part at home and some groceries shopping (SHOPPING AND GIRLS YOU KNOWWW lololols) while boys did all the set ups, location, event planning and all and we’d be happy that way hiiii.

BBQ is the must-do-event every semester for us since everyone thinking that this is the most suitable event for bonding session since almost everyone willing to involved every semester. This event located at Pantai Puteri, (calming and serene view, has surau, near road with light streets and all for safety purpose, has grocery stores to buy ice, mineral water and barang yang tiba-tiba tak cukup) that is perfect for event like class BBQ.

Okay, the preparation for dishes is divided among us girls, and some boys. Since we living in different taman, so works just divided based on houses. My housemates and I, did the side dishes of coleslaw, puding buah, etc (i can’t even remember), the others did the spaghetti, cured-chicken-sauce for bbq main dishes and etc (i cant remember vividly since there are many dishesss and there are not many food pictures taken) .

The event start after Asar to set up all things and actually start right after Maghrib. I am so thankful to those hardworking and patient classmates; they roasted chickens and sausages for us and would ate later for others sake, such as sweethearts. THANK YOU FOR THE HARDWORK, WE OWE YOU GUYS A LOT. There was singing with playing guitar session which was my most fav part hihii. Oh no i’m not singing, (too good for singing yeah), my other classmates with beautiful soft voice would sing songs like old jiwang songs (not sure what title hewhewhew), Taylor Swift’s song which are all my fav (any songs will do ), and other trendy songs which I obviously didn’t know. (Tips : Just  keep a straight face and humming slowly cause i’m freaking know nothing bout the lyrics. It’s okay everyone else knew the songs. Cheers :D)

Lastly, the long awaited session lols the photograph session. Usually, the person from other courses that joined this event would automatically be our class photographer. Hehe thank you guys.

So, a blogpost without memory photos must be no fun right? Hoho, so tadaaaa!!! Here you go, some of the pics i saved from the beginning of the semester up till semester 5. #BETRBBQ

(i just checked my hard disk and i don’t know what’s wrong with it. Almost all the videos and pictures are all damaged and cracked. I feel like crying TT. It means no pics of other BBQs of past sems hmmmmmm )

Here a few of them.


Everyone, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.



Semester 5-Part I

Hi everyone! I’m back!!

Sorry for the lack of updates as i am super busy last month. Yeah, lab tests, finals and that psm (final year project) thing you know, okay lemme keep that aside. Since today all results are out, i can officially say that semester 5 is finally over. Yeayyy, happy me is happyyyyyy! Not because of particularly something, but because of i am free from those nervousness while waiting for the results to come out one by one like this. Oh, my last final paper was on 8th January, last Sunday morning. So, it is exactly one week passed already and here, tadaaaaa all the results are surprisingly out too. Okay actually not so surprise lah cause we already know how good and efficient UTeM is, when it comes to FINAL results. And i am taking this opportunity to congratulate everyone of us for finishing this thrilling semester. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Let me summarize this by updating you guys the major highlights of this semester which are:


This semester is my fifth semester out of eight semesters of engineering school. Leaving this semester out, it actually only 2 semesters left for my coursemates and I learning together before we will be apart in semester 8 for different practical places. Hmmm..only thinking about this but i am all teary. Tskk tskkk tskkk. Okay, moving on, as for this semester i have 6 subjects in total, and have 9 lecturers! All lecturers for this semester are all kind and helpful that i am loving this semester so muchhhh. Basically this semester is soo good and smooth cause they made it easy for us. A BIG THANK YOU SIR&MADAM. I’m gonna share with you guys some acts and things that make me feeling all blessed going through this semester.

There is one foreign lecturer from Jordan, we called him Sir Jamil. He has that kind look to him and strict vibes from him too. For the very first class, he introduced himself and unexpectedly asked us to do the same. Living years of university life, usually there’s no introduction session between students and lecturers and ofc it feels different for this class. It makes me looking forward to this subject even more because i have that good feelings. Oh, call me childish or anything, honestly i am that kind of student that usually perform better if i like the lecturers’ vibes. Oh, during introduction talk, he asked us to tell our full name, state, and this one too; vision. Everyone is like crazy, finding their own life vision in given few minutes. Ask yourself, have you ever have one? What’s your vision? :’) *smile*. Even his first class such as wake up call for us. Throughout the semester, there are lot of assignments, presentations, reports and all, and i usually contact him through whatsapp and email if i didn’t have opportunity to meet him during office hour. What surprised me is that, sir will reply us, even a simple thank you. He did reply our ws, email  and all even after days and well-explained himself if he giving a late reply. MashaALLAH, sir is so down-to-earth man on this planet. This is so inspiring! Okay, so after exam passed and i already settle down with my unstable feelings during EXAM, i emailed sir, representing my coursemates, expressing our sincerest gratitude to him for teaching and helping us a lot thru this semester. I DON’T EXPECT ANY REPLY CAUSE IT WAS ONLY AN EMAIL. Few days and nahhh i get an inbox from Dr. Jamil. Only that time i did realised MASHAALLAH girl, a semester has ended, you only know your lecturer has that title DOCTOR now?!?!. Okay come on, i, i mean oh no, we all call him Sir Jamil okay. No one called him DR that i had no idea about it. Usually students will call something like, SIR XX, PROF XX, DR XX, so it has no issues to not know anything like this cause it never happens. MASHALLAH. All I get is sir Jamil is real humble man. Opps, before i forget, here is Dr’s email reply :


THIS. Made my day.

There is another one lecturer, MADAM SALEHA. She is like our own mom. Always remind us not to be lazy when we get sooo lazyyyy, and never tired telling us on how important manner really is. Oh, she had taught us about 1 year ( whyyy does it feels like only yesterdayy sobss) both semester 4&5 for Control System subject (this is the hardest subject evahh CRIES). This semester obviously, i get all sensitive, all emotional if madam talked something like parents, Allah, her soft feeling, her mom’s instinct and all, made us feeling loved. I had always talk to my roommate, Sya, how much my heart is sinking everytime madam did something like that, telling that she always comfort my homesick heart. Sya felt the same too. Woaaa, i bet everyone’s feeling the same right. The most lovely part about madam is that she has that caring nature in herself. She taught us like she taught her own kids. I JUST CAN FEEL THAT AND RELATE THAT. Okay last one, these :

and her fav words. SOLAT AWAL WAKTU 🙂

and again, to unmentioned lecturers, a million thanks and highest gratitude we sent to all of you 🙂

I think my blogpost this time is sooo panjanngg. eh? Eleh, actually i felt so sleppyyy cause i just ate a bowl of bihun sup. Hahahaha okayy. Actually there is a lot more i wanna blog about. Okay lah, i will update my second blogpost on this topic soonnnnn hihihi.

GN all:)

Sleepy me,