Hi! I’m back! Hehe. I just want to do a year throwback here! Can i? hahaha. 2017 has come to end and i am wishing for a better us, the better days ahead of our life! May our 2018 becomes lit and we are all shining the brightest in our own way! 2017, here I go!

1.New Year celebration! 20162017. I have never celebrate my new year outside and never want pun hahaha but this year I’ve celebrated it with my housemates! Pretty much a fun experience but honestly, there’s nothing much other than pretty fireworks. I hope that was my first and last new year celebration outdoor. Hahahaha. Not that I’m not loving the idea of fireworks and making memories with friends but, I need to be honest with myself that I love to celebrate it indoor more than anything. I just like to simply celebrate it with just myself, a book (diary), an inspiring song on repeat and a coffee. Planning roughly a year goals and more to self-improvement list. I like to go to that page the every next day of the year, to keep myself back to the root. Isn’t more meaningful and it just give me strength! Hahaha. Mmm, the pictures are all missing (pretty sure I don’t know where they are since there are too many pics!)

2.First Day Last Sem at Campus. This semester is my last semester at UTeM, and next semester would be my internship (6 months omg) and then my degree life is just complete! *cant wait!* My first day of this semester are ridiculously hilarious. I just had one lecture that day and we all (girl classmates) went straight to Bandar. Who on earth in their final year have that one class that doesn’t reached 30 mins mark pun, and straight away having fun till night. Hahaha. It was just so fun!

3.Dean Award Event. Alhamdulillah. I made it again this semester too and my friends did well too! I am so grateful to have it and attending my last Dean Award event at UTeM make me feels so touching. Why UTeM song lyrics is sooo good that I got a goosebump singing it during that day and it gave me such a extra extra good and positive energy. I even downloaded it and listened to it on repeat during my psm days guys, I swear it is true. LOL. The best part of attending this event was that the feeling and motivation that you got after this event. It was a good feeling ever! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

4. Sleep at Nisa’s house. The best part are sleeping (bilik nisa sejuknya ya Allah), satay and all pasar malam’s food are my palam’s fav food so happy so yummy, and sidai baju together hahahaha. That was so weird and cute memories that I will cherish it forever!

5.PSM-I presentation day. (I regret it so much, all pictures are broken dont know why, need to work hard and buy a camera pfft). Alhamdulillah I got an A for my beloved subject. Thank you, SV and panel yang baik hati ๐Ÿ˜€

6.PSM-II presentation day. I really love my final year project that if I have time to improve my final year project, I will definitely do so! IAllah. My FYP is about a maze solving robot. If anyone here curious or interested about it, you guys can youtube it since there are many videos about it. Too lazy to upload hahaha.





7.FTK Spoc Day. Finally, I played chess again. Last time I played it when I was in Standard 5 or 6. It was fun to do things we scared to do. The team was a very good team, from the team manager to the players! I will cherish this team members forever!





8.SAF(Sukan Antara Fakulti) CHESS. I have always wanted to be cheered by everyone too. Hahaha. Tak lah, it always been my dream to be apart of SAF team since my very first SAF days in my first year degree. I have always watched games and support them esp if they are any of my classmates in any of those games for years. Otherwise, I don’t go watch pun hahaha. I always think that athletes are super cool. If they are boys, they look handsomest and if they are girls, they look prettiest during their game. I don’t know why I have been adoring so many athletes ever since my childhood days kut hahaha. So, to be apart of this SAF team this year, my chess team even got silver medal for my faculty, and my faculty even get first place, is very an indescribable feeling i’ve ever had. So proud, so lucky, so grateful I am. I even happily joined the perbarisan team for athletes. My usual timid self did not feel shy at all at that time but just happy hahaha. I guessed that it must because I’ve always wanted to do this. I felt so good!

9.SCHIAVONAxSYTRA. I met people that I love so much during my high school days and even till now I am grateful that they are friends of mine. I really miss high school days. The best part of high school days of mine are USRAH and DHUHA time!


10. Angah’s Convocation Day. Congratulation for graduating prettily. I love you so much, you are such inspiration! Can’t wait for Along’s convo too!


11. August babies Birthday Celebration. Thank you everyone for putting much effort! Got a lot of presents too! Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’›

12.BBQ with Housemates. Who ever thought that BBQ could be this humble hahahaha. No fancy foods or places but it turns out so good. Tomyam, baked potato and sausage, also maggi are simply everyone’s fav! Thanks housemate!


13. Malacca with siblings. Thank you Angah and Along for coming here despite inconvenience. I’m such a happy kid. Cause after this I don’t know when will we ever coming back to Malacca. TT

14.Buka puasa event with classmates. This is our last breakfasting together. Tsk tsk. Thank you everyone for coming despite final exam during last semester. Kampung morten is so pretty!

15.Makan makan event with PA. Our PA is the best! Thank you Cik Salihin!

16.Retreat. The best event BETR ever did!



17. 2017, me.

Alhamdulillah, all praises belong to Allah. Dear family, lecturers and friends, thank you for making my year complete! I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you in any way. Everyone, let’s make our 2018 shine the brightest!


love,2017. hope, 2018.


A lie I told myself

Hi.. How have you been? Is everything okay?..

Mine was hectic and probably gonna get busier. I am telling myself if I’m not doing my very best now, I will definitely regret this later. If I always complaining this and that (although I still did that sometimes), nothing changes. That’sย why I restrain myself from blogging these couple of months, cause I might doing this complaining stuff. Oh, I’m sorry, this better be a good post.

So, my weekend is full of classes now since I’m currently taking my license wuhuu. (I am so proud of myself, I’m not a multitasker but doing such things in the middle of FYP days make me feels even amazed at myself, you go gals) I usually a self-critic person, (I think many of us are like this) but seeing me doing multitasking things like these, I developed a self-pity for me? I swear I have never ever had a feeling like that before. I usually very strict on myself but look at me now, ‘You are doing great, dear self.’

‘You are doing great, dear self.’

and..it is actually a total lie. We all know the truth of the few weeks left before PSM D-Day, and the majority of us are in despair with our projects. (or it is probably just me) The unhealthy meals per day, the unhealthy 3/4 hours sleep pattern are sooooo tiring that I hope we all can end this semester healthily. TT

They said this is kinda like a preparation for our internship. They said this semester is really intense which I could not deny this, and they said if we could handle this very well, then we probably can handle industry stress well. I mean, yeah let’s see if I can survive this semester well?

‘You are doing great, dear self.’

Everyday, I whisper this. Hoping my little fighter self could pass the day positively. Despite, how many broken infrared I did that day, the inconsistent sensors which are sooooo tiring, I do feel I am incapable of completing the project and I was so depressed. How could I gonna perform well later in the future?ย This is so depressing.

‘You are doing great, dear self.’

I said it is okay, to not be perfect, cause nobody perfect. You are strong, you are worth beyond the thousand reasons why. You gotta get up and make a move cause the world needs to see what you get to show. Cause nobody like you, cause there is only one you.