Hi! I’m back! Hehe. I just want to do a year throwback here! Can i? hahaha. 2017 has come to end and i am wishing for a better us, the better days ahead of our life! May our 2018 becomes lit and we are all shining the brightest in our own way! 2017, here I go!

1.New Year celebration! 20162017. I have never celebrate my new year outside and never want pun hahaha but this year I’ve celebrated it with my housemates! Pretty much a fun experience but honestly, there’s nothing much other than pretty fireworks. I hope that was my first and last new year celebration outdoor. Hahahaha. Not that I’m not loving the idea of fireworks and making memories with friends but, I need to be honest with myself that I love to celebrate it indoor more than anything. I just like to simply celebrate it with just myself, a book (diary), an inspiring song on repeat and a coffee. Planning roughly a year goals and more to self-improvement list. I like to go to that page the every next day of the year, to keep myself back to the root. Isn’t more meaningful and it just give me strength! Hahaha. Mmm, the pictures are all missing (pretty sure I don’t know where they are since there are too many pics!)

2.First Day Last Sem at Campus. This semester is my last semester at UTeM, and next semester would be my internship (6 months omg) and then my degree life is just complete! *cant wait!* My first day of this semester are ridiculously hilarious. I just had one lecture that day and we all (girl classmates) went straight to Bandar. Who on earth in their final year have that one class that doesn’t reached 30 mins mark pun, and straight away having fun till night. Hahaha. It was just so fun!

3.Dean Award Event. Alhamdulillah. I made it again this semester too and my friends did well too! I am so grateful to have it and attending my last Dean Award event at UTeM make me feels so touching. Why UTeM song lyrics is sooo good that I got a goosebump singing it during that day and it gave me such a extra extra good and positive energy. I even downloaded it and listened to it on repeat during my psm days guys, I swear it is true. LOL. The best part of attending this event was that the feeling and motivation that you got after this event. It was a good feeling ever! šŸ˜šŸ˜

4. Sleep at Nisa’s house. The best part are sleeping (bilik nisa sejuknya ya Allah), satay and all pasar malam’s food are my palam’s fav food so happy so yummy, and sidai baju together hahahaha. That was so weird and cute memories that I will cherish it forever!

5.PSM-I presentation day. (I regret it so much, all pictures are broken dont know why, need to work hard and buy a camera pfft). Alhamdulillah I got an A for my beloved subject. Thank you, SV and panel yang baik hati šŸ˜€

6.PSM-II presentation day. I really love my final year project that if I have time to improve my final year project, I will definitely do so! IAllah. My FYP is about a maze solving robot. If anyone here curious or interested about it, you guys can youtube it since there are many videos about it. Too lazy to upload hahaha.





7.FTK Spoc Day. Finally, I played chess again. Last time I played it when I was in Standard 5 or 6. It was fun to do things we scared to do. The team was a very good team, from the team manager to the players! I will cherish this team members forever!





8.SAF(Sukan Antara Fakulti) CHESS. I have always wanted to be cheered by everyone too. Hahaha. Tak lah, it always been my dream to be apart of SAF team since my very first SAF days in my first year degree. I have always watched games and support them esp if they are any of my classmates in any of those games for years. Otherwise, I don’t go watch pun hahaha. I always think that athletes are super cool. If they are boys, they look handsomest and if they are girls, they look prettiest during their game. I don’t know why I have been adoring so many athletes ever since my childhood days kut hahaha. So, to be apart of this SAF team this year, my chess team even got silver medal for my faculty, and my faculty even get first place, is very an indescribable feeling i’ve ever had. So proud, so lucky, so grateful I am. I even happily joined the perbarisan team for athletes. My usual timid self did not feel shy at all at that time but just happy hahaha. I guessed that it must because I’ve always wanted to do this. I felt so good!

9.SCHIAVONAxSYTRA. I met people that I love so much during my high school days and even till now I am grateful that they are friends of mine. I really miss high school days. The best part of high school days of mine are USRAH and DHUHA time!


10. Angah’s Convocation Day. Congratulation for graduating prettily. I love you so much, you are such inspiration! Can’t wait for Along’s convo too!


11. August babies Birthday Celebration. Thank you everyone for putting much effort! Got a lot of presents too! Thank you!! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ’›

12.BBQ with Housemates. Who ever thought that BBQ could be this humble hahahaha. No fancy foods or places but it turns out so good. Tomyam, baked potato and sausage, also maggi are simply everyone’s fav! Thanks housemate!


13. Malacca with siblings. Thank you Angah and Along for coming here despite inconvenience. I’m such a happy kid. Cause after this I don’t know when will we ever coming back to Malacca. TT

14.Buka puasa event with classmates. This is our last breakfasting together. Tsk tsk. Thank you everyone for coming despite final exam during last semester. Kampung morten is so pretty!

15.Makan makan event with PA. Our PA is the best! Thank you Cik Salihin!

16.Retreat. The best event BETR ever did!



17. 2017, me.

Alhamdulillah, all praises belong to Allah. Dear family, lecturers and friends, thank you for making my year complete! I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you in any way. Everyone, let’s make our 2018 shine the brightest!


love,2017. hope, 2018.


A lie I told myself

Hi.. How have you been? Is everything okay?..

Mine was hectic and probably gonna get busier. I am telling myself if I’m not doing my very best now, I will definitely regret this later. If I always complaining this and that (although I still did that sometimes), nothing changes. That’sĀ why I restrain myself from blogging these couple of months, cause I might doing this complaining stuff. Oh, I’m sorry, this better be a good post.

So, my weekend is full of classes now since I’m currently taking my license wuhuu. (I am so proud of myself, I’m not a multitasker but doing such things in the middle of FYP days make me feels even amazed at myself, you go gals) I usually a self-critic person, (I think many of us are like this) but seeing me doing multitasking things like these, I developed a self-pity for me? I swear I have never ever had a feeling like that before. I usually very strict on myself but look at me now, ‘You are doing great, dear self.’

‘You are doing great, dear self.’

and..it is actually a total lie. We all know the truth of the few weeks left before PSM D-Day, and the majority of us are in despair with our projects. (or it is probably just me) The unhealthy meals per day, the unhealthy 3/4 hours sleep pattern are sooooo tiring that I hope we all can end this semester healthily. TT

They said this is kinda like a preparation for our internship. They said this semester is really intense which I could not deny this, and they said if we could handle this very well, then we probably can handle industry stress well. I mean, yeah let’s see if I can survive this semester well?

‘You are doing great, dear self.’

Everyday, I whisper this. Hoping my little fighter self could pass the day positively. Despite, how many broken infrared I did that day, the inconsistent sensors which are sooooo tiring, I do feel I am incapable of completing the project and I was so depressed. How could I gonna perform well later in the future?Ā This is so depressing.

‘You are doing great, dear self.’

I said it is okay, to not be perfect, cause nobody perfect. You are strong, you are worth beyond the thousand reasons why. You gotta get up and make a move cause the world needs to see what you get to show. Cause nobody like you, cause there is only one you.

being me


What everyone is doing right now? It is 2.18 am now?!! Why are you still staying up at this time? Football? I don’t know anything about football, I have zero idea who is who. I only know Blue for Chelsea and red for Arsenal. Am I even right? luls. Aaa..I know the top 5 ranking of football team clubs. (few of them maybe) Okay lah kan?…

How about the others? Are you scrolling your social media accounts before you go to sleep? No worries, I do that a lot too. #rapuh Or are you watching movies? Well, it is night weekend anyway! Who can resist the temptation of relaxing night right? Or..it is just me thinking that way hehehe..

Me? What I am doing? Yah, well. As you can see, I am blogging. Hopelessly…with my big cup of tiramisu cappuccinoĀ drink. Watching KDrama? No lah. I have no time to watch them sobsob.Ā IĀ don’t even feel like to watch them because honestly, I get no timeĀ to watch them. It is okay, I can always watch them in my next semester break. #macamtakbiasa

Actually, tonight I am planning to finish some of my works. There are tons of them. I seriously don’t know which one should I do first and I just come to this…blogging guys. #pheww This is my stress-reliever activity so pardon me with my endless rants hehehe. Okay, let’s pray that I really work on my works after this. #notevenafinalyearstudent #thevibeisreal

Okay, let me update some of my schedulesĀ for next week.

  • robotic screw 3D drawing (not even know what type of screw a car rim use #notyourengineer) by Monday
  • meeting with supervisor (about PSM slides) before Thursday
  • must check and correct C1-C3 PSMĀ report (format, grammar, content and it is good to adding more infos) Ā before Thursday
  • Pneumatic online test
  • Actuator test (should do my best)
  • Robotic class replacement on Friday is not yet confirm (tak payah gantiĀ boleh tak hmm. okay okay kita harus gantiĀ )
  • EPC slides
  • EPC presentation (please do my best! there’s no one that can help me other than myself. practice and be well prepare!)
  • chess trainingĀ for FTK SPOC (i am so unprepared for this i am sorry but still will try my best)

Hihihiiiii. I hope it is clear why I am being so cold and zombie look alike these remaining weeks. šŸ˜€

Oh, this semester I have edited 2 videos in only less than one week and what I can really say is that I love videography. If and only if I have a better camera I could pass to be a vlogger! eh..hehehe. No, this is too much right hehe. I mean, yeah let me do all the edit things cause I freaking love it. I even get acknowledgment from my ChineseĀ groupmates! I show the videos to my sister through a video call and can you guess what is her reaction?

She is reactionless.

YES. She is. Hahaha. I said this to her,

apa lah macamĀ tak best je. tak best keĀ sha?

tak…sebab akuĀ takĀ nampak,Ā tersekat-sekat.

(phewwww, nasib baik tersekatĀ bukan tak best lol)

since it is education oriented videos, so I don’t think it is a good idea to share them here. Oh, I wanna explore video editing learning more hehe. Do you good at video editing too? #sharewithme

Note to self,

you gotta do this for you. not for anybody else. you got no second chance. you only have two semesters left for your degree. take some pain, and be happy for the rest of your life. your struggle is yours. live your dream, anis.

bye bye.


‘you cannot afford to waste time.’ – Anis Atthirrah, 2017 UTeM’s undergraduate.

Hi everyone!

As much as everyone is getting busier, so do I. I had never know a degree student will have at least this much pressure. You got one group assignment and you barely had few days to make it into a final quality video. On top of that, you got about another 4 assignments that had overlapĀ deadline and ofc you have a problem with your energy level. (someone’s body sugar level is so lowww) And this routine, bitter truth it is on repeat every day, week, up to the whole semester, and it gets crazier once we are so close to the final year. Being a student, having these big responsibilities, I mean despite business we have, we still have to watch our work quality, attend classes, quizzes, tests, tutorials, reports, and also the on-goingĀ psm project (the one I want it to succeed so bad), without neglecting our social life part too :’) We still need to have time for our friends and ofc with our main tulang belakang, our family members. How much time we spent with them, is incomparable with what education has to offer us. Right?

But, being a good student doesn’t teach us to blatantly give excuses when time gets tough. “I can’t do this.” “I can’t finish that.” “Hey, look I am super busy. Please understand me.” and so the unnecessary words go on. I myself don’tĀ even know why sometimes it is so frustrating when some people really take things for granted. I know sometimes, we are as a human, get physically and mentally exhausted too and when it gets worse, we become extra sensitive over the smallest things.

I admit that we are all like that, sometimes. I sometimes got extra disappointed when I thought I had done my very best and when I just asked people for come for a meeting, the waiting game is real and I am so speechless. I am in a wrong mindset too, never listen to their stories. Ofc, people has their own reasons and I understand that. My point is, we got too tired that our heart is so fragile that it could break anytime soon over one smallest mistake that makes people misunderstanding each other. It just could be easier.

We always think that we are the only one who did this and did that and thought why people being so mean towards us. People just can’t understand us and just being hard enough on us. We think we are the victim but we are not. Some people just had it way harder than us. Just because they always show up for every occasion, look energetic and bright all the time, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the spot of being tired like we are. Just only because they are all silent. Just only because they don’t show you people how much works were done by them to make the other people’s work much easier. The silent sleepless nights are all to us are nothing just because we didn’t know. Let’s from now on, think of others’ shoes too.

People might disagreeĀ with me on this one, stay up till very late at night or doesn’t sleep at all and didn’t show up for tomorrow morning classes. As a student who comes to every single class despite those true excuses (some reasons are acceptable regardless), when the lecturer asks us ‘where are your friends, do they OTWĀ to class?’, I really feel sad somehow. It is not about you are a good student if you come to every class, NO. It is NOT like that. It is about ‘respect’ or manner. You always can give any excuses you want (unpreferable) but please inform the lecturers. They do not get paid for waiting for us.

Being productive these days, it makes me happier. I felt energetic even though physically, I look old enough (because of my tired face) and heartless human being on the earth with those dark circles, I enjoy my degree days. I learn a lot. šŸ˜€

I hope everyone is having good days ahead and achieve whatever goals we dream.

Till then, all the best everyone.

#imgoingtoworkonmypsm #prayforme



Hi everyone! What a long weekend I had last week but I had so much fun!

It’s SchiavonaXSytra event!

As glamorous as it may sound (yeke ceh), it was a moment full of laugh, happy and cheerful days of the weekend.

Schiavona which stands for my batch name in collaboration with Syed Putra or we did called it as Sytra,Ā were planning to give a talk on things like after SPM path, university life and some motivation to those peers. We aimed for Form 4 and Form 5 students but, unfortunately, the Form 5 students can’t participate at the very last minuteĀ with their busy schedules and we understood them as we also once had been in their spot too. It was really lively cheerful and energetic with the youthful Form 4 students! They were all cute hehehe. (Am i like them too back in my Form 4 days? hahahaha..)

The event took about 2 days and 1 night. (Saturday and Sunday). Saturday morning about 8 or 9 am, the opening ceremony is started. I am not so sure about this morning programme since I came about 11 am. Basically, I just skipped this morning programme and they just had some opening ceremony and gave a talk on after SPM path: matriculation, STPM, foundation, and diploma. Oh, I just arrived Perlis in the very early morning (6.00 am), went straight to my home, rest and packed & prepared some important infosĀ for the evening event.

Actually, I came earlier than the evening slot which is at 2.00pm for attending my brother’s class Birthday event. It was yummily heaven there, I swear. There were Laksa (we proudly brought Laksa Kuala), Nasi and lauk pauk, cream puff (sedap ya ampunn), dadihĀ (in two flavours which are susu and jagung but susu is too yummeh i cant stop), pudingĀ caramel (like who on earth doesn’t like this dessert tell me tell me), birthday cakes (i don’t so into cakes so i gave it a pass), nuggets sausages and fries (that infamous trio i don’t mind them after i ate two bowl of laksa like erkk), and etc fancy delicious foods iĀ can’t even remeberĀ since i can’t eat them, I’M TOO FULL. Bless this class birthday, I will surely come menyibuk again šŸ˜€ #tahumakanje

Back to the event story, the evening event programme focused on University’s promotion(?) hahaha. More to we told them our University’s main courses, campus etc etc. The programme started with short speeches and videos from each university’s representatives and continued with University Talk in small group discussion. The students will move in groups and rotate and went to the university of their preferences. So, they could ask in detail about university things etc etc. In this section, they were a lot of students came to UteM representatives (read me) and askedĀ itu ini itu iniĀ and I as a goood UTeM’s students (self-proclaimed) answered them with some videos hahaha. #easierthatway I do gave them a short self-motivation telling them, you guys do not need to be worried. As long as you guys do your best, whatever outcomes indeed a blessing and planned by Him. Be happy and enjoy your school life. #seniorsangatceh

Okay, moving on to the night session, it was LDK session. I have randomly been chosen as group faci for group 10 and named as Pasti Boleh. (okay jangan gelak) Creating some cheers for them and having some chitchat with them. They all were funny and cute. We have so much funnn! Oh, I also curicuri tulang to sneak out from the programme for a while to go to koop! I miss koop so much oh no i mean koop’s food and memories. They will be forever cherished moments :’D I met my little brother and belanja him, and he only asked for Mamee Chef like ugh siapa ajar ni hahaha. Since the weatherĀ is rainy and so sejuk I understood his craving(?) so much that tak asramalah tak makan maggi heheheh. I went easy and belanja him yes that Mamee Chef okay don’t tell ibu heheheh. #alliance #jokejokejoke

Sunday’s morning was explorace session and my friends and I,Ā were not the AJKs and we took that opportunity to bring back the old memories. #myheartiscrying We jalan-jalan from Form 5 classes (so sad they were only 4 classes left), we took pictures of us imagined us from 5 years ago in the same class (5 Delima) and at the same spot (bawah kipas belakang sekali). Me, from the left, back then i love writing so much, Fifah being Fifah sleepy all day hihihi, and Ika with calculator loving Maths. CLICK. Captured. We from 5 years ago. We went to 4 Delima (Fifah and I class), I at the back of the class tepi tingkap corridor sebelah Fifah. We talked and remisnicsed a lot, siapa ketua and pen ketuaĀ tingkatan, guru tingkatan and other clasmate’s positions. Uwuuuu sedih lah. Took some photos too there.


We went to aspuri jalan jalan and look at our old dorms. Tears in my heart :’D I feel old enough hmm. #emotional

Lunch? We lunch at the school canteen. I missed Kak Esah nasi daging so much! I miss my buka puasa essential drink oren susu! I literally missed everything about the school.

Sunday’s evening was another LDK session. I took some of the students’ pictures. Basically, they were volunteering themselves. ‘Saya saya! sayaaa!!’ Emm hahhahhaha. They are all youthful like that and I am a happy faci šŸ˜€


Pasti Boleh šŸ˜€


Err what is their group name? I forgot sorry qt.


Cekodok or Belacan group? Sorry qt.


Among fav group but couldn’t remember groups name. hii.





At 4.30pm, the closing ceremony started. Speeches from Pengetua and Ketua Pengarah SxS, (big thanks for them Azam, HafizJu and Chipmunk and other Schiavonas), deliveredĀ explorace’sĀ winning prizes and some photos session. The thoughtful Form 4 students sang us infamous Tepuk Terima Kasih and we were all terharu. I really mean it. They were so good and kept saying that they enjoyed and having so much fun till the very end.

I learned a lot from this SchiavonaXSytra event.

Pure innocence feeling makes them has no wall or boundary. They support and cherish people with different background, group and person. They encouraged among themselves even though they were in different groups and when they united as one, I felt amazing synergy among them and I respect that. I love that Sytra have this kind of traits. šŸ˜€

To all family Schiavona who might be reading this, thank you! Being a part of this family is a blessing. Let’s join this event together in the future with theĀ better version of ourselves Ā too:D

To dearestĀ Zeatradous, do your best in whatever you are pursuing right now! Enjoy school life!

To SytraĀ familia, wherever we are and whatever we do, lets forever keep Sytra in our heart!



Short Update

Hi?! I’m here AGAINNN…. Like seriuslah again?!?? Come on, where else do I can rant as much as I want if not here. Hehe. Pardon me. Because more random-actually-post-depression-blogposts to come. šŸ˜€

I am here to give a lecture on ROBOTKU WHY SO COMPLICATED.


K k k k. It is not. It is not that complicated. I am overreacting. I am that drama queen. Ā It gonna be so successful, right? AMINNN..

Oh, alang-alangĀ dah sebut pasalĀ psm ni, adalah satu petang tu, my friends (Alyaa and Sya) and I were having sembang petang session. Me being me, I was multitasking at my best.(?) No. Of course not. I am not a multitasker person and I am seriously bad at it. I just that bad to the point even when I was typing while talking or listening, I will end up typing those words instead. So, pretty sure, this multitasking thing wasn’t for me. Hmmm. I don’t like multitasking either. Hahaha. Ceh. Okay, at that time, I was reviewing some articles and journals (both hardcopies and softcopies). Basically, my left hand holding my phone (charging state), my right-hand holding a pencil with lappy in front of me with few papers of articles. My robot and extra electrical components are on the floor near with me. ( I know bahaya so careless).

Alyaa was talking, and she is the type yang her hand will find something and gesel-geselĀ (rubbing) things she grabbed unconsciously whether she talking or listening. Unfortunately, she sat besides me. MANNNN. SyaĀ was a little bit far from us. She sat on her bed at that time.

I just got back from ordering a new battery and I put the old (kembung)Ā battery on the floor. So you guys can figure it out already. YESS. AlyaaaĀ grabbed that old kembung battery and she even rubbed them. HAHAHAHA. Okay its not funny but, she suddenly terjerit kecilĀ and cakap,

‘Eh kenapa panasĀ ni? Cuba rasa ni.’ She passed that old battery to me.

I am being careless electrical student, took and even touched the main conductor part (konon nak check lah) and went AUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHCHHHHH. Panas ya ampunnnnnn.


Sya had it worse. After seeing my reaction, Sya got all curious and wanted to try it herself and checked if we tipu her hahahaha. She grabbed the insulated part (wire), #wiserthanus and the conductor part (have two) were touched and THERE WAS AĀ SPARKKKK!!!!

All of us terusĀ letak that old battery jauhjauh. MashaAllah.

Bahaya. Lagi bahaya kalau careless. Sebab perempuan kan macam you know, tak cool sangat. macam mana nak masuk industri ni. #banyaklagikenabelajar

And till now, I still scared to touch and take that old battery. Tak Ā buang lagi cause need a little reference selagi new batt tak sampai lagi.HMM. I jokingly said to them,

‘masih beruntung, kalau tak sorang dah Elbert Einsten, sorang lagi Thomas Edison’


Tolonglah diri sendiri fokus buat kerja jangan careless lagi. AHAHAHA.

Okay, done.

Sambung buat kerja.