Hi everyone! What a long weekend I had last week but I had so much fun!

It’s SchiavonaXSytra event!

As glamorous as it may sound (yeke ceh), it was a moment full of laugh, happy and cheerful days of the weekend.

Schiavona which stands for my batch name in collaboration with Syed Putra or we did called it as Sytra, were planning to give a talk on things like after SPM path, university life and some motivation to those peers. We aimed for Form 4 and Form 5 students but, unfortunately, the Form 5 students can’t participate at the very last minute with their busy schedules and we understood them as we also once had been in their spot too. It was really lively cheerful and energetic with the youthful Form 4 students! They were all cute hehehe. (Am i like them too back in my Form 4 days? hahahaha..)

The event took about 2 days and 1 night. (Saturday and Sunday). Saturday morning about 8 or 9 am, the opening ceremony is started. I am not so sure about this morning programme since I came about 11 am. Basically, I just skipped this morning programme and they just had some opening ceremony and gave a talk on after SPM path: matriculation, STPM, foundation, and diploma. Oh, I just arrived Perlis in the very early morning (6.00 am), went straight to my home, rest and packed & prepared some important infos for the evening event.

Actually, I came earlier than the evening slot which is at 2.00pm for attending my brother’s class Birthday event. It was yummily heaven there, I swear. There were Laksa (we proudly brought Laksa Kuala), Nasi and lauk pauk, cream puff (sedap ya ampunn), dadih (in two flavours which are susu and jagung but susu is too yummeh i cant stop), puding caramel (like who on earth doesn’t like this dessert tell me tell me), birthday cakes (i don’t so into cakes so i gave it a pass), nuggets sausages and fries (that infamous trio i don’t mind them after i ate two bowl of laksa like erkk), and etc fancy delicious foods i can’t even remeber since i can’t eat them, I’M TOO FULL. Bless this class birthday, I will surely come menyibuk again 😀 #tahumakanje

Back to the event story, the evening event programme focused on University’s promotion(?) hahaha. More to we told them our University’s main courses, campus etc etc. The programme started with short speeches and videos from each university’s representatives and continued with University Talk in small group discussion. The students will move in groups and rotate and went to the university of their preferences. So, they could ask in detail about university things etc etc. In this section, they were a lot of students came to UteM representatives (read me) and asked itu ini itu ini and I as a goood UTeM’s students (self-proclaimed) answered them with some videos hahaha. #easierthatway I do gave them a short self-motivation telling them, you guys do not need to be worried. As long as you guys do your best, whatever outcomes indeed a blessing and planned by Him. Be happy and enjoy your school life. #seniorsangatceh

Okay, moving on to the night session, it was LDK session. I have randomly been chosen as group faci for group 10 and named as Pasti Boleh. (okay jangan gelak) Creating some cheers for them and having some chitchat with them. They all were funny and cute. We have so much funnn! Oh, I also curicuri tulang to sneak out from the programme for a while to go to koop! I miss koop so much oh no i mean koop’s food and memories. They will be forever cherished moments :’D I met my little brother and belanja him, and he only asked for Mamee Chef like ugh siapa ajar ni hahaha. Since the weather is rainy and so sejuk I understood his craving(?) so much that tak asramalah tak makan maggi heheheh. I went easy and belanja him yes that Mamee Chef okay don’t tell ibu heheheh. #alliance #jokejokejoke

Sunday’s morning was explorace session and my friends and I, were not the AJKs and we took that opportunity to bring back the old memories. #myheartiscrying We jalan-jalan from Form 5 classes (so sad they were only 4 classes left), we took pictures of us imagined us from 5 years ago in the same class (5 Delima) and at the same spot (bawah kipas belakang sekali). Me, from the left, back then i love writing so much, Fifah being Fifah sleepy all day hihihi, and Ika with calculator loving Maths. CLICK. Captured. We from 5 years ago. We went to 4 Delima (Fifah and I class), I at the back of the class tepi tingkap corridor sebelah Fifah. We talked and remisnicsed a lot, siapa ketua and pen ketua tingkatan, guru tingkatan and other clasmate’s positions. Uwuuuu sedih lah. Took some photos too there.


We went to aspuri jalan jalan and look at our old dorms. Tears in my heart :’D I feel old enough hmm. #emotional

Lunch? We lunch at the school canteen. I missed Kak Esah nasi daging so much! I miss my buka puasa essential drink oren susu! I literally missed everything about the school.

Sunday’s evening was another LDK session. I took some of the students’ pictures. Basically, they were volunteering themselves. ‘Saya saya! sayaaa!!’ Emm hahhahhaha. They are all youthful like that and I am a happy faci 😀


Pasti Boleh 😀


Err what is their group name? I forgot sorry qt.


Cekodok or Belacan group? Sorry qt.


Among fav group but couldn’t remember groups name. hii.





At 4.30pm, the closing ceremony started. Speeches from Pengetua and Ketua Pengarah SxS, (big thanks for them Azam, HafizJu and Chipmunk and other Schiavonas), delivered explorace’s winning prizes and some photos session. The thoughtful Form 4 students sang us infamous Tepuk Terima Kasih and we were all terharu. I really mean it. They were so good and kept saying that they enjoyed and having so much fun till the very end.

I learned a lot from this SchiavonaXSytra event.

Pure innocence feeling makes them has no wall or boundary. They support and cherish people with different background, group and person. They encouraged among themselves even though they were in different groups and when they united as one, I felt amazing synergy among them and I respect that. I love that Sytra have this kind of traits. 😀

To all family Schiavona who might be reading this, thank you! Being a part of this family is a blessing. Let’s join this event together in the future with the better version of ourselves  too:D

To dearest Zeatradous, do your best in whatever you are pursuing right now! Enjoy school life!

To Sytra familia, wherever we are and whatever we do, lets forever keep Sytra in our heart!




Hey, semangat!

“I’m too busy doing my routines. When will I have a chance to live my dream?” – Anis Atthirrah, 21 tahun, mahasiswi yang masih dilanda keraguan.


Hi, today is motivation day(?)!! Since tomorrow I have no class except for a lecture on final year project writing report, here I am 😀  Tuesday finally become my favourite day of the week (no class in the evening, no class for tomorrow morning!! Please jealous guys! hehehe no no i’m joking) Good energy, done doing some tasks earlier and now blogging time (with a mug of white coffee heavenly yummyy).

I have to admit, how difficult it is to be in a good mood all day. How much struggles it takes for everyone to be so positive when sometimes, things look all crumbling in front of you and some people yeah ermm kinda make us feeling unwanted-ly small.

No blaming, no hating, no revenge. Some things and people aren’t mean it the way we see them. That’s how life actually is. So tell ourselves good and pretty words. Because you know, that’s how it works. Don’t dwell on it too long and move on. It is more calming that way 😀

Dear self,

‘Balik ke prinsip awal. Kerja sekeras-kerasnya, usaha sebesar-besarnya, dan berdoa sebanyak-banyaknya.’

‘If you have any chances, go grab them. Don’t you ever doubt yourself and have faith in yourself, you’ll surely work them out! ‘

‘Setelah ujian itu seperti sebelum ujian. Hidup itu akan terus berjalan. Selesai ujian, bukan bererti tamat. Kita bakal menempuh ujian lagi, dan harus belajar lagi. Lagi dan lagi…’

‘Studying so hard to be the best for myself and to create my future that I’ve been dreaming of.’

‘kalau hidup itu bukan cuma tentang saya, saya, dan saya.’

‘I will graduate soon enoughhh!!!’



I’m on my way to success. Semangat, Nis.

done caffeinated. bye.

Jubah Hitam Ungu



Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!

It is quite long break post right? Hmmm, i actually do have lot of stories to share, fom my third year degree life, a recommendation and review on a well-written book, and ofc my personal life need to be blog too, (so tak malu) but yeah you know, i’m not a multi -tasker person, thus blogging won’t help me much on reducing my degree stress, so here i go postponing every story AHAHHA. Forgive me everyone! (where is your promising attittude fixing on last post Anis? *facepalm)


here you go ANIS!


(of course DISNEY Princess’s facepalm is worthy to put LOLOL)

Okay, okay, enough with me being me, excusing here and there, this and that, so lets start our story!!!~~

This morning, Monday (i am totally fine with Monday, i mean no Monday Blues here hahaha), i have my usual routine, doing Power lab session at 8.30 am. Some of my classmates even ask why on earth do we have classes/lab today while others (most of UTeM students) are sleeping peacefully with cold weather (it is rainy morning!) and here us doing lab. I just go ‘aaahhh okay la tak payah ganti nanti’ totally dalam hati je okay hahaha. Oh, today is UTeM Convocation Day. Being the biggest day for all graduates, students, and even lecturers, everyone is busy celebrating them and what i mean here, you see word LECTURERS there?!!, yess, they totally involved! What us students expect are, ofc we are being such as understandable student will be much more understanding if there is no class. LOLOLOL. But, HERE WE GO, CLASS FROM 8.30am till 5.00pm. (HAHAHA no need to exaggerate we all have 3 hours break in between. Okay. HIHIHIIIII)

Then, after done lab session this morning, Sya and I decide to just go back and do our assignments at home. (But, here i’m blogging in the room HIHIHI) . Before we go back, we go to the FTK lobby to refill the water because refill water there is totallyyyy FREE!!

Entering the lobby and i remember that ‘oooohhh, hari ni konvo la patut la ada a few students berjubah konvo dekat lobby’.

And my i caught something there. There is family with a son (UTeM graduate) sitting there near the refill water machines. The parents and a grandmother are looking so proud with their son/grandchild wearing JUBAH HITAM UNGU that suits him perfectly. It is not a handsome face, good figures that make it looks perfectly perfect, but, the looks on the eye of the son is. I look at him wearing the gown carefully as precious as it is, looking deeply at every single faces there. He looks happy but don’t know why the emotion there is a bit teary. I get emotional suddenly and i get weird of myself too, because usually i don’t care my surrounding much and just do my own things. But, suddenly the son asks her father to stand for a while to checking his gown i guess, but the guess is all wrong. He unbutton his JUBAH KONVO and instead give his father to wear it.


I just take a glance on their faces while walking away from them to the parking area, and all i see is their teary eyes.

I get all teary and so emotional. All emotions are mix tho. I just can’t describe precisely those gazes but if you guys at there, you all will feel me.

In my honest opinion, there are only few students nowadays that thinking on their parents when it is their convocation days. The first reason they pursue this degree that is their parents as the main reason aside ALLAH, are always being forgotten day by day. And all i see is only the love goals and all. To tell this bitter truth is unwelcome i know but this is only my personal opinion. To see and share those moments i see, are indeed charming and refreshing for me. It makes me wanna beat all those assignments, all those piling tasks and all those hard times. I wanna be the winner. I wanna win this race of me being greater version of myself in both skills and attitudes, and proudly give my parents too, my own JUBAH HITAM UNGU.

And yes, I will make it.

We will make it.

With Allah’s will.


To our own dream gown, please wait for us prettily.



                                                                                                                                        withlove, LALICE.